In case you want to return the product

We want you to love our The Whale product as much as we do, but it sometimes happens that you change your mind, or you have tried it and realised this isn't for you. That's ok, it has happened to all of us some time.

We need you to understand that even if you haven't touched the product and the package is unopened, we can't risk reusing that coffee. We try to follow some high-quality standards, and we couldn't stick to that if we reused returned coffee. We want to guarantee all the coffee we deliver is freshly roasted, and that we have been able to oversee every stage until you receive it.

So if you send it back to us, everything would just be wasted away. So please, consider passing it on to a friend, who will think you are the best for giving them such a neat gift.

Since food products are perishable and delicate, our general policy is to not refund anything that has been delivered.


In case the package is damaged

If you note the package is damaged and the product could be affected, please write to us immediately documenting everything with images. If you do so within 48 hours since delivery date, we will give you discount code so you can get a new one.


In case the product is flawed

In the extremely unlikely case the product you receive is not up the quality standards we have promised, please write to us immediately. We will give you a new one for free.


Remember we are also humans

We all have the experience of trying to speak with customer services and getting stuck with a machine giving automatic answers. Even if you end up speaking to a person, they might have very rigid scripts and rules and there's not much they can do for your specific situation.

Plainly speaking, we hate that. We have our general rules and policies as well, but we appreciate every situation might be special and different. So please, if there's anything that bothers you and doesn't fit any guidelines, just write to us. We'll do our best to understand your situation and chat about what we can do.


Thank you for your understanding!