About Us

As it usually happens, everything started one day. On a rainy afternoon, we were drinking coffee and chatting about work, life and the morality of consumption.

The vast majority of products consumed nowadays come from huge brands, with enormous supply chains that churn out stuff that’s cheap, of the poorest quality and horrible for the environment. That seems like the standard strategy; and worst of all, it seems to work. But why should that be successful? Why should the worst way of doing things be the norm?

So we came up with this crazy idea. That is possible to produce high-quality coffee while taking care of the environment and local farmers. And so The Whale Coffee was born.

Our Promise

But this is not only about good coffee. We started this with the dream of building a brand that not only delivers high quality; but does it while making a positive impact on our planet.

We are extremely concerned about the state of the sea. Overfishing, whaling, acidification of oceans, exploitation or reserved areas, global warming… All of that is getting out of control, and it’s costing us the richness and diversity of our oceans.

That’s why we set The Whale as our image. That tale you see in the logo is not only the symbol of high-quality coffee and reassurance of care and attention that has gone into producing it. It’s also the symbol of a brand that cares. A brand that will donate part of its profit to whale protection organisations.

With every cup of coffee you take, you’ll be supporting the conservation of oceans and their wildlife.