What is smooth coffee?

When designing new blends for our product line, we read a lot of reviews. A lot. People complaining about bad coffee, and other people praising good coffee. All of that is valuable information and helps us to come up with new tastes and aromas.

After reading hundreds of coffee reviews, we noticed everyone likes what they call 'smooth' coffee. But what does that even mean? Does it just mean less bitter?

The main trouble is that bitter tolerance is pretty personal. And it can be even pleasant if balanced correctly. It could also mean just too acidic or too sweet. You wouldn't lick half a lemon and call that experience 'smooth', right? But I wouldn't label a Frappucino with 10 tablespoons of pure sugar as 'smooth' either.

It's also pretty common that when someone says 'smooth' it's just a fancy way of saying 'good'. 

IMO, smooth is just the opposite of harsh. Good coffee is balanced. It's a bit bitter, a bit acidic and a bit sweet. It's complex and rich. When that's not done properly it normally means that coffee is either too bitter or too acidic, so it kinda 'hurts' when you gulp it down.

So any coffee that's not roasted to oblivion or has a cake dissolved in it is close to being called smooth.


A balanced coffee is a smooth coffee.


 balanced coffee